Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Job Search Continued....

During the past seven days, I've submitted ten application packages to professional librarian postings within Canada. An additional five packages will be submitted by month's end, based upon current postings. Also, I am preparing packages for international positions located in the US, UK and France. The tally of packages submitted over the past three-month period is 60-odd.

I'm keeping on top of this job search monster despite the surprises and disappointments experienced recently. Indeed, recent feedback from one interview stated ... yes, stated ... that I am not employable because I am not currently employed. Apparently, it's about "Hiring on the fly" and it's all the new HR rage. You see, a company wants what another company already has. If one is not with a company, then another company doesn't want you.

Other feedback indicated that, due to my 3-month lack of full-time employment, (yes, I maintain a PT position as a Reference Librarian), my skills are now too rusty and I require additional academic time to bring my skills up to date. I believe this plays into the "Hiring on the fly" trend in HR. (Yes, I agree that maintaining currency is vital to our work. Indeed, as a professional in my field, I actively strive to remain current within and beyond my profession. After all, this is my profession. I am a professional librarian.)

This is a frustrating experience.

What are your experiences, insights, suggestions, observations?


Anonymous said...

My husband is also finding it hard to reacquire a job in the profession. With 15 years corporate experience then 5 of consulting, he cannot even get an interview for a part time on-call position with our local public library even though current staff claim they are despirate for quialified applicants.

He is, of course, part of the great hidden and undiscussed discrimination in this country -- a white male greater than 40 years old.

Leglib said...

Thanks, Anonymous. You've inspired another of my ... opinions. Let me know of the outcomes, positive/negative, of your husband's endeavors. Perhaps professionals can be of assistance to one another.

I wish you & your husband the very best.