Monday, December 17, 2007

The Quick Fix

Business is based upon the timely analysis and application of relevant and precise information. With this in mind, how are financial shortfalls resolved in the corporate world? With responsible consideration, foresight ... and due consideration afforded the on-site information professional, of course.

CFO: "We're in financial trouble."

Executive Office: "Why?"

CFO: "Because we've mishandled our accounts. We don't have enough money."

Executive Officer: "It's time to get rid of unnecessary expenses. What do you suggest?"

CFO: "Stop the daily flower delivery; delay staff paycheques; close the library and fire the librarian. You know, the 'frills'."

Executive Officer: “What ever. Do it.”

It's true. It happened on Friday. I see elements of Slippery Slope or even Avalanche happening here. With such responsible consideration and foresight, it's no surprise the corporate debt goes unpaid.

Incidently, as I write this, I've received a call from the company asking that I come to negotiate an independent contract for my services. Now, as an independent contractor, do I wish to enter into an agreement with a company that exhibits an inability to honour its financial responsibilities?

I'll write a bit more about it in the coming days. In the meantime, this librarian has resumes to prepare.


Corporate Stan said...

Man, that's so twisted! If we tried something like that in our company, the CFO would come under immediate review! Hell, the CFO would be under review already because bills aren't being paid! What the hell?!

I guess that's why some companies fail, while others succeed.

Jushi said...

Dear LegLib,
Good luck with those resumes. Let us know if you need any feedback.

Leglib said...

Thanks Jushi,

I appreciate the thought & offer.